Advancing Research of Re-thinking Female Entrepreneurship: Conference

17-18 March, 2020
Gateway Building, University of St Andrews
Third Conference on Re-Thinking Female Entrepreneurship will explore qualitative research methods and theoretical frameworks to advance the research on the intersectionality of female entrepreneurs.

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How Intersectionality Shapes the Experience of Female Entrepreneurs

14-15 January, 2020
Gateway Building, University of St Andrews

Building on the success of the first Re-thinking Female Entrepreneurship Conference, which took place in June 2018, this two-day conference will continue to challenge the gendered discourse of entrepreneurship and to explore further the diversity of female entrepreneurs and their journeys.

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British Academy Summer Showcase

21 to 22 June 2019

We held an interactive exhibition at the British Academy Showcase in London. Visitors were able to listen to audio snippets from the stories of female entrepreneurs. They were invited to contribute to the exhibition by drawing or writing words that reflecting how they see female entrepreneurs after having listened to their stories. A fabric designer was on-site to turn the drawings into fabric designs that will be used in future exhibitions.