Re-thinking “Female” entrepreneurs

The voices of female entrepreneurs have been silenced and their richness of their stories have been overlooked by the strong association between entrepreneurship and economic growth and the assumption that there is “a typical successful entrepreneur”.

By collecting the stories of female entrepreneurs in Yorkshire, this project brings to light the diversity of female entrepreneurs; their motivations, inspirations and background.

The project also shed light on the entrepreneurial journey which is not a story of a straight forward growth but of a journey that is complex, messy and full of diversions.

The stories also show that Female Entrepreneurs contributions extend beyond the UK economy to include the country’s social and environmental development as well. The relationship between female entrepreneurs and their environment is a dynamic one. Female entrepreneurs are not only inspired by their environment but they actively play a key role in shaping it by involving and engaging their communities to solve key social as well environmental problems.

This is evident in the stories of Yorkshire female entrepreneurs who have set up a wide range of businesses that have been inspired by Yorkshire varied industrial heritage and renowned beauty. At the same time, they have used this shared heritage and pride in the past to inspire their communities and to promote a more inclusive society.

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